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Why AutoSummary is only available for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010?
AutoSummary use the new section functionnality of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 ®. Without these sections, we can't detect different parts of nous presentation.
Why am I unable to save or see changes generated by AutoSummary?
Your trial version is expired. You must purchase the complete version here to be able to use AutoSummary again.
I haven't received my serial number after purchasing AutoSummary. What can I do?
Many reasons can be the source of the problem:
- your payment is in validation, Please wait before contacting us.
- an error occured while the mail was sent, contact us with the contact form.
- your payment was refused by Paypal.
- your email address given to PayPal was not correct. Contact us to receive the serial on a good one.
In any case, please give us as many information about transaction (date, email paypal ...) as you can.
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